Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)- A tried and proven technology

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) #

Enhanced Oil Recovery abbreviated as EOR is the process of improving a reservoir’s capacity to produce crude oil by injecting water, chemicals, or gases into it. As a reservoir continues to produce, its pressure reaches its apex and declines. The reservoir then loses its natural ability to produce oil and gas, and the need for assistance arises. It is best to use EOR after primary and secondary methods of oil recovery have proven ineffective.

Our EOR methods guarantee clients 30% to 60% or more of a reservoir’s oil and gas. On the other hand, primary and secondary recovery promises 20% to 40%. In turn, this leads to a reasonable extension in the life of your fields, increased recovery factor, and consequently, returns on investment.      

Methods of Enhanced Oil Recovery #

Thermal Recovery #

As the name implies, thermal recovery involves introducing heat to the reservoir; this aims to reduce the viscosity of the crude oil, thereby aiding its ability to flow. Thermal recovery is the most widely used form of EOR in the US and accounts for over 50% of EOR implemented.

Chemical Injection #

Chemical injection is a method of EOR that aids the release of restricted oil within the reservoir by introducing polymers into it. Chemical injection is often used to support waterflooding during the secondary recovery method. The long-chained polymer injected can also be used to augment surfactants, thereby reducing the surface tension of the oil while improving flow through the reservoir.

Gas Injection #

Natural gas, CO2, and nitrogen can also play an important role in oil recovery. When injected into reservoirs, these gases dissolve within the oil, causing a decline in viscosity and an increase in flow.

How to determine the method of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to use in your field? #

After extensive analysis of reservoir data, our experts will advise on the method of EOR best suited for your field.

When should Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) be used? #

EOR is a relatively expensive process. So, you are advised to consider it a viable option after primary and secondary methods have failed.

How much does EOR cost? #

There are several factors that will determine the cost of improved oil recovery. You can contact our team for a better understanding of your options.

EOR and Carbon Sequestration #

CO2 injected into a reservoir during gas injection is trapped subsurface. Controversially, this has been considered a means of carbon sequestration. Although, many would argue that you do not combat CO2 emissions by releasing more.

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