All you need to know about our equipment supply services

Oaksley energy offers a vast range of oilfield equipment that meets and exceeds quality standards.

Equipment available for supply includes Drilling, Completions, Production, and Safety Equipment.

Is Oaksley Energy open to the cross-border supply of equipment? #

Oaksley Energy offers services that are unrestricted by borders. If you are interested in knowing the policies that apply to your country, you can contact our support.

What is the policy on payment/credit plans? #

Payments validate all orders. We would only process your order on receipt and approval of payments.

How long will it take to receive an order? #

This depends on your location, choice of delivery services, and order size/quantity. You can consult our customer service for advice and clarification.

How to get a breakdown of the equipment Oaksley offers? #

Here is a detailed catalog of all equipment for supply.

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